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 HYAA Soccer Board Members

President (even) Steve Goetsch
-The president is responsible for the administration of the league and oversees the affairs of all elements
of the league.
- Leads monthly board meetings
- Preside at league meetings and assumes full responsibility for the operation of the local league.
-Attend the monthly HYAA board meeting and provide an update on the league
-Communicate to the HYAA board such matters as deemed appropriate, and make such suggestions as may tend to promote the welfare of the program.
-Investigate complaints, irregularities and conditions detrimental to the League and resolve or escalate as appropriate.-Personify the best public image in reflection to the community at large. Each president should take an active role in gaining support and winning friends for the league program.
-Responsible for the smooth running of the league, and ensuring that all Board members are performing their jobs adequately
-Troubleshoot issues between Board members, Club members and Board members, etc, if necessary.
-Assign tasks to Board members as required.

Vice President of Travel (odd) Anna Rouleau
-Act as the face of the travel program
-Responsible for recruitment and registration for the travel program teams
-Act as primary contact with NH Soccer League
-Partner with the VP of Recreation to schedule field usage for practices and games
(if a master scheduler position is not occupied)
-Act as primary point of contact for travel program coaches
-Coordinate uniform orders with coaches/players
-Coordinate annual tryouts
-Update website as needed for the travel programs/schedule/registration
-Attends monthly HYAA Soccer board meetings

Travel Coordinator (even)  Greg Martakos
-Make sure Travel coaches are maintaining their required NHSL requirements ( Safesport/Background Checks)
-Ensure new/current coaches are obtaining their coaches license requirements per NHSL rules
-Work with travel coaches regarding uniform orders
-Work with our equipment manager to have ball bags/med kits/pennies/cones available for each travel team
-Ensure all new/current players are registered through gotsport, per NHSL rules
-Help advertise and facilitate travel tryouts
-Attend monthly HYAA soccer meetings

Vice President of Rec (even) April Kendal
-Act as the face of the recreation program
-Responsible for registration for recreation program offered for ages pre-school through high school
-Responsible for ordering and distributing uniforms
-Keep board updated on issues or concerns
- Act as primary point of contact for recreation program coaches
-Work with the Rec Coordinator on setting up rec evaluations/draft
-Update website as needed for the rec programs/schedule/registration
-Attends monthly HYAA Soccer board meetings

Recreation Coordinator(odd) Bryan Fontaine
-Coordinate/Setup evaluations/draft for teams
-Coordinate Referees for games
-Handle any conflicts/concerns on practice schedules/game schedules
-Work with VP of travel on field scheduling
-Compliance- work with rec coaches to make sure they are completing and maintaining background checks via gotsport
-Help the VP of Rec coordinate evaluations/draft
-Order medals/trophies for Fall end of season playoffs (no playoffs for spring session)
-Help organize/run the Fall end of season playoff & celebration event with the VP of Rec
-Attends monthly HYAA Soccer Board meetings 

Treasurer (odd) Sara Jordan
-The treasurer assumes the responsibility for all league finances
-Receive and deposit all monies and deposit into designated account
-Signs checks and dispenses league funds as approved by the Board
-Keeps records for the receipt and disbursement of all monies and securities of the league.
-Reports on the status of league funds, keeps local league books and financial records, and prepares budgets
-Attends monthly HYAA Soccer board meetings

Secretary(even) Erin Grace
-The secretary maintains a register of members.
-Create and distribute meeting agendas and attend monthly HYAA Soccer board meeting and record meeting minutes.
-Responsible for sending periodic email blasts and updates to league members
-Attend monthly HYAA Soccer board meetings

Equipment Manager (even) Sean Jordan
- Ensure fields are maintained in playable condition
-Main point of contact for town/city on field concerns
-Responsible for the equipment needs of the league
-Ensure that equipment is in safe and playable condition
-Ordering of equipment and supplies
- Is accountable for the inventory of equipment
-Attend monthly HYAA Soccer board meetings

Equipment Coordinator (odd) Kevin Stribling 
 Works with the Equipment Manager to coordinate equipment ordering, organization and delivery to coaches for Hooksett Soccer.  Duties as Assigned by the Equipment Manager

Fundraising Chair (odd) OPEN
-Solicits and secures local sponsorships to support league operations
-Collects and reviews sponsorship and fundraising opportunities
-Organizes and implements approved league fundraising activities
-Coordinates participation in fundraising activities
-Attend monthly HYAA Soccer board meetings 
-Maintains detailed spreadsheet records of monies secured through sponsorship and fundraising initiatives to be provided to President and Treasurer

Fundraising Coordinator (even) Kim Joseph

Works with the Fundraising Chair to solicit and secure local sponsorships and support league operations. Duties as Assigned by the Fundraising Chair

Social Media Coordinator (even) Katie Goetsch 
-Advertise any upcoming events/tryouts/program registration on our website news section/facebook/social media
- Post photos on website/social media of our travel/rec programs
-Attend monthly HYAA Soccer board meetings 

Merchandise/Food/Beverage Coordinator (odd) OPEN
Works to ensure appropriate food, beverage and merchandise are available during and to Hooksett Soccer rec and travel program.  Coordinates with the Town of Hooksett regarding the concession stand at Petersbrook Fields.  Adheres to all local and state guidelines and permitting.

Past President 
This position shall only be held by an exciting president (non-terminated) for one year as a non-voting member of the Soccer Board.  The purpose of this position shall be to advise and mentor the elected President as needed throughout their 1st year of Presidency




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